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Nicholls & Co began in 2015 under the belief that there was a better way to do business. Real estate didn’t need to be transactional but rather a collaborative effort that put buyers and sellers first. That was what we thought then and what we know now. This is why when someone buys, sells, leases, or rents with us we’re not just their agent - we’re their partner in real estate for life.

Partnerships come in many different forms: spouses, friends, colleagues. But a Nicholls & Co partnership is different. We’re your family mechanic, the barber who’s been cutting your hair for 10 years, or the barista who knows your order off by heart. When our clients think real estate, they think Nicholls & Co. So what’s the secret formula to building these partnerships?

Get out a pen and paper because here it is: honesty. We’re not about fancy selling tactics or upselling. We’re about sitting down, getting to know someone, and helping them. That’s how we build partnerships and that’s how we get repeat business time after time. This means incorporating the latest trends, leveraging new technology, and - above all else - putting in real effort to make your home the best on the street. When you work with Nicholls & Co, people can’t help but see your home.

At Nicholls & Co we think like a marketing agency when it comes to showcasing client’s homes. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to get the right eyes on the property we sell.

We’re taking the ego out of real estate. We’re a young, excited and dynamic office - the next generation in real estate. To push the boundaries, we combine old school service with new approaches and marketing. 

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1/71-75 Gladesville Road Hunters Hill, NSW 2110

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"Cameron Nicholls and his agency made the selling of my unit an easy experience. The staff are very pleasant..."

Diane Roenne

"I was on the buying side of the equation, as a first home buyer. I had dealt with a number of frustrating,..."

John Andreallo

"Cameron proved to be very professional and approachable in his dealings with us. He had a clear strategy..."

Sherif Goubran

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